Thorold’s Role in Decisive Victory in War of 1812


Thorold was the site of a decisive victory in the war of 1812

Battle of Beaver Dams National Historic Site in Thorold was the site of a decisive British victory during the War of 1812, between Iroquois and American forces. Warned by Canadian heroine, Laura Secord, (and an Iroquois scout) the Caughnawaga Iroquois and Grand River forces defeated an attacking American force near Beaver Dams on 24 June 1813. For more information, visit

DeCou HouseIt was in DeCew’s Field where Laura Secord met native warriors who brought her to the end of her 32 km journey.

Thanks to the Native/British victory at Battle of Beaverdams, the tide was turned in the war of 1812. The Americans never recovered and their offensive was reversed to a full retreat; and no land changed sides.

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You can visit the ruins of the Decou House Monument.