#yourewelcomecanada Tongue-in-cheek Hashtag Responds to Canada’s Thank You

Laura Secord Meets FitzGibbon


The hashtag was developed to hold a dual meaning. The first is meant to be in tongue-in-cheek fashion, letting Canadians know that they are “welcome” for the success of the Battle of Beaverdams.

Many historians believe that the Battle of Beaverdams saved Canada, since a breakthrough by the Americans at Beaverdams would have led to the destruction of the British Army in Upper Canada. Although other battles may lay claim to having saved Canada as well, it is important to note that only the Battle of Beaverdams broke the spirit of the American Army.

A loss would have meant the potential loss of our nation and as we celebrate Canada 150, the City of Thorold is saying you’re welcome to an implied thank you.

Image: Courtesy of Laura Secord Meets FitzGibbon by Lorne K. Smith, ca. 1925; National Archives of Canada, Estate of Lorne K. Smith

Canada – Thorold 150The second meaning is intended to welcome tourists and visitors to Thorold. In a recent poll conducted by Expedia.ca, the top 25 “Friendliest Communities in Canada” were compiled; the City of Thorold was recognized with the 23rd position on the list. The list is supported by 2015 data from Expedia customer reviews to determine cities and communities that are the friendliest to travel to.

The committee acknowledges the importance of this designation and would like to leverage this opportunity in conjunction with the #yourewelcomeCanada, indicating that everyone across the country is invited and indeed “welcome” to visit our municipality.