Visit our historical rural communities

Beaverdams Methodist Church

Each settlement brings to the City of Thorold its own unique flavour. Together, these communities help to weave the fabric that is Thorold.

  • St Johns: With its winding, hilly roads and beautiful conservation areas, the village of St. John’s is one of the most picturesque locales in all of Canada.
  • Beaverdams: The final destination of Laura Secord’s journey to warn the British of an impending American attack, is steeped in history and lore.
  • Allanburg: The site of the sod turning for the building of the first of four Welland Canals, is home to Thorold’s lift bridge.
  • The quaint community of Port Robinson boasts the only pedestrian ferry service across the Canal.
  • Turner’s Corner is home to many agricultural farms and vineyards, and is the crossroads to many areas of the Niagara Region.
  • Thorold South houses many of the industries that spur Thorold’s robust economy.