The Bridge-it Route: the 8th Wonder of the World

Bridge-it Ferry


The Bridge-it Route provides cyclists with direct access between Thorold and the world-class wonder of Niagara Falls. The new route follows Grassybrook Road and links to the Niagara River Recreational Trail, breaking the Greater Niagara Circle Route in two. North and south loops come together to form a figure 8.

Visitors can double their pleasure and “Ride the 8 “!

The Port Robinson ferry named “Bridge-it” connects the west and east sides of the Welland Canal in Port Robinson. This accessible passenger service carries thousands of cyclists, pedestrians and local residents safely across the Welland Canal.

It allows cyclists a shorter route from Thorold to the Niagara River connecting to the Greater Niagara Cycle Route.

The ferry runs from May to October and is operated by the City of Thorold, supported by Niagara Region.

For detailed dates and times see schedule here.